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The independent nonprofit California Roundtable on Recreation, Parks and Tourism fosters public and private efforts to provide quality, sustainable outdoor recreation in California. The diverse membership includes representatives from the outdoor recreation industries, user groups, environmental organizations, academia, and recreation providers united to improve marketing and communication and increase funding and public support.

Who We Are

The California Roundtable on Recreation, Parks and Tourism was officially founded in 1998 to encourage cooperation between public and private entities involved and interested in outdoor recreation, public lands and tourism in California.

The Roundtable's membership includes recreation, parks and tourism leaders from local, state and federal governmental organizations, private enterprises, user groups, environmental groups, educational institutions and the public.

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Carol Johnson, Co-Chair
California Roundtable on Recreation, Parks & Tourism
2950 Peralta Oaks Court
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Laurie Baker, Co-Chair
Shasta Cascade | Redding Convention & Visitors Bureau
1699 Highway 273
Anderson, CA 96007
(530) 225-4485

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Co-Chairs Message

Carol Johnson The California Roundtable on Recreation, Parks and Tourism was founded in 1996 to coordinate and promote public and private efforts to provide quality, sustainable outdoor reLaurie Bakercreation in California.

Representing public agencies at every level as well as private industry and non-profit groups, the Roundtable is committed to sharing information, working together to solve problems and initiating projects that promote outdoor recreation in California.

Recognizing that kids were not having the kinds of outdoor experiences of previous generations, we developed the California Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights in 2007. We helped kick off a movement and that movement continues to pick up momentum. Parks around the state are designing and branding programs with the COBR in mind. Now, more than 25 states have created their own versions.

A significant, new endorsement came from the American Society of Landscape Architects on January 14.


California Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights

With recent concerns about youth detachment from outdoor activities, lack of physical exercise and increased health risks, the California Roundtable on Recreation, Parks and Tourism created the California Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights for the purpose of recommending a fundamental list of experiences that every child in California would benefit from experiencing, before entering high school.

Numerous studies document that children who do these things are healthier, do better in school, have better social skills and self-image, and lead more fulfilled lives.

Every child should have the opportunity to:

  1. Play in a safe place
  2. Explore nature
  3. Learn to swim
  4. Go fishing
  5. Follow a trail
  6. Camp under the stars
  7. Ride a bike
  8. Go boating
  9. Connect with the past
  10. Plant a seed