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California Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights

Healthy Kids Outdoor Challenge - East Bay Regional Park District

East Bay ParksEBRPD has developed a guidebook and teacher's curriculum, based on the COBOR in partnership with the California Roundtable, Regional Parks Foundation, US Forest Service, Kaiser Permanente, Alameda County Office of Education, California Department of Education, Department of Health Care Services, and Let's Move.

Teachers are very interested in taking their students outdoors; the booklet and teacher’s guide has been very well received.  However, half the teachers are unsure and uninformed about how to take their students outdoors, as well as to a park. Third graders still have a vast imagination regarding what nature, parks, activity, and open space means although "bugs" is a common response to the question “What does nature mean”?

Follow up will include reviewing student pre and post questionnaires to evaluate learning about outdoors, parks, and healthy activities.  EBRPD will utilize this information to develop future programs.  Future & next steps include widespread distribution of the guidebook to schools and organizations. We are also considering educator trainings.

Contact: Nancy Kaiser, Interpretive Services Manager at (510) 544-2526 or email