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Swim Lessons 2015 - Cameron Park Community Services District

SwimmingCameron Park offers a summer swim lesson program for ages 6 months and up.  Group lessons consist of 25 minutes of lessons each day Monday-Thursday over eight days, with class sizes not to exceed 6 per class.  Private lessons (one-on-one) last four days for 25 minutes.  Participants are taught the basics of water safety, water adjustments, and stroke progression.  Classes progress from parent participation to stroke refinement.  Lessons are taught by certified lifeguards.

Lessons Learned/Hints:  Kids and parents are taught how to be safe around water. As the participants progress through lessons, they learn stroke refinement and how to breathe and remain safe in the water.

Group SwimLessons have become very popular and we will continue to offer lessons next year.

Partners:  PG&E, Wells Fargo, Marshall Medical, and Cameron Park Community Foundation

Contact: Tina Helm, Recreation Supervisor, 530-677-2231