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California Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights

Angel Island State Park Outdoor Bill of Rights Day

Angel IslandThe Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights Day event was held at Angel Island State Park, July, 2013. The state park partnered with the National Maritime Museum last year, as well as the Traditional Small Crafts Association, its concessionaire, who loaned bikes and helmets for one of the Rights, “ride a bike.” Northface brought a tent to help demonstrate “Camp Under the Stars.” Says Interpreter Casey Dexter-Lee, "We were also le to have a group from the Summer Learning Program attend.  We are always looking for ways to grow the attendance -- we have capacity for more; but so far we have had 60-100 kids per day -- and develop the program."


Interpreters Teri Pope and and Ben Fenkell collaborated on a program brochure. Each letter of the rights list spells out "I Love Parks."

Download a Sample of the brochure.

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