Co-Chairs Message


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Roundtable sub-committee is now investigating ways to spread the word more broadly. We'd ask all members and supporters to secure endorsements for the COBR, attach the COBR brand to their youth activities and share the COBR with their partners. Ultimately, we want the Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights to be known and celebrated by all parks, public land agencies, schools and public health professionals.

In this budget climate, all public programs have to compete for scarce funding, and parks and outdoor recreation are not always given the priority that they deserve. The Roundtable will soon release findings on the economic impacts of parks and outdoor recreation in California that we have culled from the best available data. It's no surprise that the direct and indirect economic benefits are huge. Investment in outdoor recreation promotes healthy individuals, healthy communities and a healthy economy. Parks are not just amenities; they are health promoting, revenue producing, job creating engines. They deserve our support.

We're also taking on other issues that greatly affect outdoor recreation in California. Climate change is influencing opportunities for recreation as well as the natural flora and fauna of our public lands. The drought is being felt by all Californians and no one knows what the future brings. Since open space is a significant collector of groundwater reserves, water legislation must consider the significant role played by our public lands. We continue our commitment to making our parks safe, welcoming places for all people.

If you or your organization or agency shares our commitments, please join us.