California Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights

With recent concerns about youth detachment from outdoor activities, lack of physical exercise and increased health risks, the California Roundtable on Recreation, Parks and Tourism adopted the California Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights for the purpose of recommending a fundamental list of experiences that every child in California would benefit from experiencing, before entering high school.

Numerous studies document that children who do these things are healthier, do better in school, have better social skills and self-image, and lead more fulfilled lives.


To encourage California’s children to participate in outdoor recreational activities and discover their heritage.


That every child in California, by the completion of their 14th year, have the opportunity to experience each of the activities listed within the California Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights.


View endorsements of the 2012 Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights (COBR).

View endorsements of the 2004 Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights (COBR).

Use of COBR Nationally - 2004

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Every child should have the opportunity to:

  1. Play in a safe place
  2. Explore nature
  3. Learn to swim
  4. Go fishing
  5. Follow a trail
  6. Camp under the stars
  7. Ride a bike
  8. Go boating
  9. Connect with the past
  10. Plant a seed

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Example of Implementation of the COBR: DreamPower Horsemanship

Summary: At risk-teens or young adults with developmental delays are invited to go horse camping at either Henry Coe SP or Coffey Ranch; where they can sleep overnite in tents, fish, hike, trail ride, and enjoy an overnight hike. All of this while living in a community, sharing the work in the Equine Journey Wilderness Program.

Contact: Martha McNeil, LMFT, at 408-686-0535.

California Bureau of Land Management -Example of Implementation