2010 Concessionaires and Public Lands Symposium:

November 16-17, 2010
Asilomar, CA

“Connecting to California’s Changing Demographics and Economy –
Fulfilling People’s Expectations”

Note: Listed below are the conference sessions that have provided PowerPoint presentations.

See Agenda for complete list of sessions.    

Opening Session – “Providing Services That Engage California’s Resident and Visitor Demographics”

  Carolyn Beteta, California Travel and Tourism Commission and Tourism, Business, Transportation and Housing Agency

Panel Session 1 – “Consumer Value and Lifestyle Trends/Indicators”
                                    John Poimiroo, Poimiroo & Partners
                                    Derrick Crandall, American Recreation Coalition &
National Parks Hospitality Association

Panel Session 2 – Relevance and Services to Engage Emerging Demographics
                        Nina Roberts, California State University, San Francisco
                          Emilyn Sheffield, California State University, Chico

           Panel Session 3 – “Partnership Success Stories”
                                    Muir Woods National Monument
                                    Shane Ortega, Ortega Family Enterprises
                                    Aaron Roth, Golden Gate National Recreation Area
                                    McArthur-Burney Falls State Park
                                    Warren Meyer, California State Parks Concessionaire
                                    Ski Industry/United States Forest Service Case Study(ies)
                                    Andrew Strain, Heavenly Mountain Resort
                                    Jonathan Cook-Fisher, United States Forest Service
                                    County Partnerships
                                   Sean Senti, The California Parks Company
                                    Kelly Klett, Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation

           Panel Session 4 – “Health and Wellness in Parks”
                                    Slow Health Foods in Parks
                                    Frank Klein, FK Restaurants & Hospitality
                                    Parks as Health and Wellness Venues
"Healthy Parks, Healthy People", East Bay Regional Park District
                                    Jennifer Scanlon, Kaiser Permanente
Smoke Free Zones in Parks and Connecting with the Health Community
                                    Jim Milestone, Whiskeytown National Recreation Area  

          Panel Session 5 – “More Sustainable and Cost-Efficient Operations”
                                    Chris Lane, Xanterra Resorts (pending)
                                    Bruce Fears, Aramark Parks and Destinations (pending)
                                    Stephen Gehrett, East Bay Regional Park District

Panel Session 6 – “Marketing and Promotion”
                          John Poimiroo, Poimiroo & Partners
                          Terry MacRae, Hornblower Cruises & Events (pending)
                          Lynn Carpenter-Schumann, California Travel & Tourism Commission

Evening Keynote Speaker: Tom Stienstra, San Francisco Chronicle

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